Experience God in NatureThe Secret Sanctuary Our Farm is Your Farm!Secret Sanctuary Enrich your life!The Secret Sanctuary Farm
Experience God in NatureThe Secret Sanctuary
Jesus based Co-op/Sanctuary farm that helps people to disentangle from the worries of the world by connecting with God in the midst of His creation.
Our Farm is Your Farm!Secret Sanctuary
Develop relationships... with animals that won't judge you!
Enrich your life!The Secret Sanctuary Farm
Special events in beautiful natural settings.

The Secret Sanctuary

a Co-Op Farm

Our vision is to have a little community that’s Christ-centered, where members help nurture one another’s talents and giftings in a natural farm/sanctuary setting.   A secret place to disentangle from the worries of the world by connecting with the heart of God in the midst of His creation.

Deeper Connections, Deeper Peace, Deeper Revelation

Look deeper than the surface.   When we seek to engage, observe, ask questions and learn, whether it be from other human interaction, or sitting peacefully in nature, or “connecting” with animals when you look them in the eye — we somehow become different.  More fulfilled, more complete.                This is not just a farm, y’all.

What We Offer

It’s like belonging to a sportsman’s club, but with no hunting… and a lot more!
As a member, you will have access to the property and most amenities. 
With your collaboration, you can enjoy the fruits of our labor!


Hiking, Camping , Boating, Axe-throwing, Archery, Ropes Course (coming soon)


Horticulture, Animal Care, Kayak Safety, Plant Identification, Candle and Soap Making, Bee Keeping


Animal Care and Visitation, Elevated Meditation (Tree-House Style), Work Projects, Worship Services, Parties and Events

Animal Stewardship

A well-balanced approach to Love, Care, Use, and Harvesting

Spiritual Renewal

Teaching in Relationship, Acceptance, Grace, Fostering Peace, Self-Discovery, God-Discovery!

Green Technology

Solar integration, Composting, Crop Rotation

Latest Projects

We are alwasy learning, implementing and perfecting a Spirit-led life.  James and Sola have a gift for creatively providing a rich environment that is experientially valuable, enveronmentally sustainable, and sometimes even profitable!  Come be a part of our projects and mission!

Camping or Glamping?!

VRBO a la naturelle!

Stay in a floating tent on the river, or on the shore. 

Originally designed after  prairie wagons which were used by settlers of the western United States, this design is perfect for a permanent tent structure.

Fitted with either a mesh mosquito netting or a removable waterproof tarp, you can weather a storm or enjoy the stars!

Made from recycled materials and eco-friendly.

Love them now, love them later!

Presently we raised two types of pigs.  American Guinea hogs, which are a traditional American heritage breed, which have been around for 200+ years.
They are rooting hog that takes about three years to grow out to full maturity of 250-300 lbs.

We also raise IPP, which stands for Idaho Pasture Pigs.
They are non-rooting breed, (based on the flatter snout) also a heritage breed, and they take about a year to grow out.
They are the most docile of all pig breeds and we raise them for that reason, so they can be part of our hands-on petting farm.

Contrary to popular belief, eggs do not have to be refrigerated after they are layed.

God has made them with two unique enzymes. One on the outside and the other is on the inside of the egg. These enzymes preserved the egg for up to 30 days without being refrigerated.

At this time, we are crossing a number of different breeds of chickens to produce a larger more healthy egg.

We also raise quail for both meat and eggs.

Our Mission

Already have the vision in a different place.   Need a concise mission statement here.  -Christian

Ecology Today

What do you want here?

Plant Ecology

What do you want here?

Dynamic Ecology

What do you want here?

Water Refining

What do you want here?





Team of


That would be you.  We like to share the wealth of opportunities that will enrich your life, build relationship, and improve our (collectively) Co-Op Farm.
Volunteering can happen without membership, but membership cannot happen without volunteering.  Seems backwards, right?   The best ways often are.

Clarity on the Mission
Completion of existing Projects
Financially Sustainable