What We Offer

It’s like belonging to a sportman’s club, but with no hunting… and a lot more!
As a member, you will have access to the property and most amenities. 
With your collaboration, you can enjoy the fruits of our labor!


Farm Life

Experience what others just dream about, from getting quiet in nature, to learning valuable skills that allow you to be an excellent steward of nature.

The Circle of Food

"Food" creates fertilizer, which becomes food for plants that become food for animals which become food for us!.... You see how that goes.

Saving Native Forest and Wetland

To own it is to keep it from getting cut down! Not just forest, but wetland too! To learn about the wonder of land and forest is to love it.

Saving Animals

We take excellent care of our animals, from birth to freezer-camp!

Energy Saving

RELAXATION is the best way to save energy!

Green Technology

Employ those DIY Youtube videos here on the farm!